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Your own marketplace

Privacy is most important, even in the least important matter. Money is, however, a sought after material; which is why at CrypScrow we`re working hard to bring you the safest cryptocurrency marketplace. Like in traditional markets, cryptocurrencies exchange forums allow traders to buy and sell by inputting a market order. With a market order, the trader controls the exchange to trade funds for a price depending on the stance of the trade; buyer or seller.

However, unlike these marketplaces, CrypScrow brings a little twist with your personal, private messages encrypted into your offline browser. Smart escrow contracts between traders are encrypted as well.

How my privacy is kept private on CrypScrow? This post will focus on how CrypScrow works technically. Although, traders do not require technical know-how to use the platform, learn how our team has worked towards achieving maximum security.

Your browser, Your crypto

At the creation of an account, traders input a username and password, the password is never uploaded. It`s used as a key to unlock your unique secured 256-bit account key. PBKDF2 stretches the account key to create something with better security. 2FA protects encrypted private keys. 

The Open Whisper System`s Signal Protocol provides techniques for secured messages on CrypScrow, is a trusted open-source standard used by prominent chat app such as WhatsApp.

Keys used during each trade are encrypted and never get to the Internet. This technique is through Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH), an asynchronous key exchange protocol, which allows users to share a secret key forged by one party`s private key and the other`s public key. To make the keys disposable, the ECDH produces temporary keys called pre-keys that have been generated and signed in advance.

When a dispute arises, any of the trading parties can release the secret key to a trusted administrator of our team, who’ll have access to the past messages and help both parties reach a consensus. Without disputes, secret keys are erased forever after trades.

All cryptocurrencies that are used on CrypScrow are stored in a wallet protected by the user`s offline private key. Trades are completely one on one and funds are sent directly from buyer to seller. No one, our staff inclusive, can pry into your messages or hack into your funds.

As the platform matures, CrypScrow will move the whole system into a decentralized web. The website will ensure maximum security. Administrators are trusted, exemplary individuals.

In a few weeks, CrypScrow hits the road. Read Blog on The Problem and join this platform with maximum privacy.

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